All of this winning…*Beyonce’ Voice*

Greetings all, Today's friendship post comes just after the 1-year anniversary of the release of Beyoncé's iconic #Lemonade. While an exhaustive review of this body of work is beyond the scope of this post, I wanted to use Beyoncé and Serena's friendship as a metaphor for other Black women's friendships. Now, we do not know if [...]

An Open Letter to Joy Lane

Our Dearest Sista Joy, Repeat after us: I deserve love. I deserveD better. This is NOT and was NOT my fault. Say these words. Write them. Post them. Text them. Tweet them. Remember them. We know that nothing we're about to say will bring you immediate resolution. For that, we offer our apologies... But some of [...]

A Finals Plan of Attack

It’s FML FINALS season.  How do I know? Glad you asked! The temperatures are rising. Flowers are in bloom. The sun is out longer. Spring is here... All signs that it's... You guessed it, FINALS season. For most graduate students, Spring Break ended two or three weeks ago and the semester kicked into hyper drive. [...]