I Get Tired Too, Sis.

So, here's the thing...I mean well. We all do (well, most of us). And I still mess up. Despite being a perfectionist in just about every area of my life, I am a flawed friend. And I am painfully aware of that.  Through unrelenting processes of critical self-awareness, I have learned to admit my flaws in [...]

The List

Have you written down the list? You know which one I am talking about. The list of things you want in a mate. The wish list of romance. The list of hopes and dreams of love. I haven't written that list. A few weeks ago I was talking with Dr. Joan about love and whatnot [...]

The Local Guide to New Orleans

            There are a small number of places in the world where I can see myself spending the rest of my days. Of those places, only two are in the United States, and New Orleans will forever hold one of those spots. My first trip to New Orleans was in 2014 with one of my [...]