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In July 2016, Brittany Williams and Joan Collier, then doctoral students at the University of Georgia, held the first #CiteASista Twitter chat as part of a class assignment. The twitter chat was developed following a viewing of the American Educational Research Association’s panel, #BlackGirlsMatter: Public Scholarship Engaging with the Race/Gender Interaction in Schools, featuring Bettina Love, Lori Patton Davis, Adrienne Dixson, and Melissa Harris-Perry. Since then, #CiteASista has grown into a Black Feminist digital project that centers the experience, knowledge, and literature of all Black women (cis and trans*) within and beyond the academy through digital programming (topical monthly Twitter chats), written content by contributors on CiteASista.com, national conference presentations, online group-chat spaces for Black women, and in-person engagements. A core value of #CiteASista is the meaningful support and recognition that Black trans women are women and a subscription to the notion that work around Black womanhood must include this experience? Central to #CiteASista’s praxis is the inclusion and validation of the voices and knowledge of Black women beyond the academy (e.g., sex workers, family members, artists, etc.). Within the academy, #CiteASista has been well received within the Student Affairs and Higher Education communities, receiving the ACPA- College Student Educator International Commission for Social Justice Education’s Commitment to Social Justice Innovative Response Award in 2017, public recognition from the 2017 and 2018 presidents of both ACPA- College Student Educators International and the Association for the Study of Higher Education, respectively.

With the Cite A Sista™ website, we make connections between a larger movement to center Black women and Black womanhood with a wide array of issues! Our posts & columns include–

  • Cite A Sista x #CiteASista Friday
  • Religious & Spirituality
  • Business Productivity & Energy Management
  • Motherhood & Parenting
  • Self-Care & Reproductive Issues
  • Style & Fashion
  • Life & Healing
  • Music, Pop Culture, & Media
  • Career Development & Education
  • Healthcare & STEM
  • & much more!

As co-founders of the #CiteASista™ project, we recognize the placement of this movement as part of a long lineage of Black women supporting Black women– a form of Community Cultural Wealth (Yosso, 2005). Accordingly, we view #CiteASista™ and CitBrittandJoanBP.jpgeASista.com™ as spaces to provide encouragement for Black women to not only name the ways we actively resist against silencing of our bodies and voices, but to also show what we can do after naming these experiences (y Muhs, Niemann, González, & Harris, 2012). For these reasons and more, Cite A Sista™ functions not only as a digital counterspace, but as a lifestyle and movement. This website serves as a home to bring together seemingly disparate functions of the project from writing and advice to gear and twitter chats. Cite A Sista™ co-founders Brittany Williams and Joan Collier welcome opportunities to speak & engage. To bring us to your organization, community, or campus, complete the consulting tab and one of us will get back to you.

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Read on to learn about our co-founders Brittany & Joan!

joan13.jpgAbout Joan

Joan Nicole, PhD is graced to be sista-scholar, daughter, friend, aspiring womanist theologist, and soror of DST. Her research interests live at the intersections of race, spirituality, education, gender, and equity. Karaoke, journaling, traveling, QT with family (chosen, bond, or blood), and random adventures with my besties supercharge this extrovert. Prayer, writing, and fellowship with close friends help liberate her from thoughts, feelings, and curiosities that, if unspoken, would otherwise hold her hostage. Joan earned a B.B.A in Managerial Sciences from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA and a M.Ed. in College Student Affairs Administration from the University of Georgia.

About Brittany

IMG_2118.JPGBrittany M. Williams was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and is the proud product of Atlanta Public Schools. She identifies as a Hip Hop feminist & proud first-generation college student with way too many expensive hobbies such as makeup, luxury cars, and dabbles in high fashion brands. She is a doctoral candidate in College Student Affairs Administration at the University of Georgia and has a strong history in student affairs and higher education related roles. Brittany holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Hampshire College and obtained her Master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Sociology of Education. When not working on her PhD, you can find Brittany serving as a freelance career development specialist, promoting the exercise of 2nd amendment rights in the Black community, actively engaging in social media, fundraising for Hampshire College, or glued to an episode of Scandal, The West Wing, Bones, Gilmore Girls, & Grey’s Anatomy. She is a strong believer in higher & post-secondary education. You can find her on twitter @Ms_BMWilliams.


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  • Yosso*, T. J. (2005). Whose culture has capital? A critical race theory discussion of community cultural wealth. Race ethnicity and education, 8(1), 69-91.