Welcome to the Cite A Sista™ Team page!

Team Cite A Sista™ consists of a multitude of women who’ve dedicated time and energy each month to contribute to the Cite A Sista™ website. These women offer unpaid labor for the good of the Cite A Sista™ community. Be sure to check out their posts on the blog or donate today to help us keep this good work going.

Interested in joining the team? We have openings for contributors; Send us an email!

Monthly Contributors & Support Team


Guest/ Past Contributors  

  • Kishana Taylor (Healthcare and STEM)
  • Shaquinta Richardson (Mental Health and Relationships)
  • Amber Smith (Style and Fashion)
  • Sarayfah Bolling (Employee Engagement and Organizational Development)
  • Shayna Smith (Career Development and Education)
  • Candace Witt (Music, Pop Culture, and Media)
  • Andrea “Hope” Howard (Aging, Appearance, and Advocacy for Women over 50)

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