Welcome to the Cite A Sista™ Team Page

Team Cite A Sista™ is comprised of a group of women who graciously dedicate time and energy each month to contribute to the Cite A Sista™ website and community. These women offer unpaid labor for the good of the Cite A Sista™ community. Be sure to check out their posts on the blog or donate today to help us keep this good work going.

Interested in joining the team? We have openings for contributors. Send us an email!

Monthly Contributors & Support Team


Guest/ Past Contributors  

  • Kishana Taylor, PhD (Healthcare and STEM)
  • Shaquinta Richardson, PhD (Mental Health and Relationships)
  • Amber Smith (Style and Fashion)
  • Sarayfah Bolling (Employee Engagement and Organizational Development)
  • Shayna Smith (Career Development and Education)
  • Candace Witt (Music, Pop Culture, and Media)
  • Andrea “Hope” Howard (Aging, Appearance, and Advocacy for Women over 50)

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