Meet Your New Voice in Fashion: An Introduction

Greetings Cite A Sista Family,

My name is Dión and I am the newest edition to the #CiteASista movemen13344512_10206364751054639_6926081109354170032_nt. And let me tell you, siiiiiiiiisssssss, I’m psyched to be a part of this great endeavor. I want to use my first post as a way for us to get to know each other better.  Don’t want to speed past the small stuff. I thought it best we take our time before we delve into the good stuff.

Who am I?

Your new best friend. That kind neighbor. The silent person looking at you from across the room telling you to fix your blouse (I got you, sis). The one person you meet in the bathroom that tells you your skirt is backward. The woman who wants you to win and WERK whatever room you’re in. Just know that whatever I say in my posts comes from a place of wanting you to present yourself fashionably and authentically.

15317923_10207709686797192_2361433894305231735_nSo are you a stylist? (Or naw?)

Well…how do I  respond here? I’m a “normalist” with pizazz. I don’t keep up with fashion week like crazy or own everything out of Barneys, BUT I am the master of capitalizing on what’s already in your closet. I’ve helped people go from getting the cold shoulder to turning heads simply by showing them they have all the goods already it’s just about putting items in their proper place. I understand the importance of contrast and simplicity. I’ll get you right for class, the party, and the gala AND make sure you won’t go broke doing it.

Ok. Why should I trust you?

Simply because I said so. This relationship won’t work if you don’t trust me. 🙂

14570630_10207233172884642_5486376245811311961_oBut seriously, I will be using who I believe are fashion influencers to keep you in tune on the trendy colors, the latest fabrics, styles to inspire all your looks so don’t worry my thoughts won’t be coming solely from me.


I’m so excited to begin this journey with all of you, our loyal readers. Let’s get Fabulous!


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