Everything You Need to Know About #CiteASista Right Now

Happy Almost End of March Cite A Sista Family!!!

We are almost at the one month anniversary of the Cite A Sista site launch and we’re so excited about our progress thus far. There are SO many Cite A Sista things floating out there, so we created this comprehensive post to keep you updated on all things Cite A Sista.


ACPA 2017 (March 26-29)

Cite A Sista co-founders Brittany & Joan will be presenting at ACPA 2017 in Columbus, OH. The one-hour session will feature a ton of information about Cite A Sista and a mixer / Meet & Greet will be held after.



April #CiteASista Chat

Our April #CiteASista chat is that real deal. Join us on April 11 for a chat about the role of education and self-assurance in love and relationships within the Black Community. This is a hot topic you DO NOT want to miss.


2017 Cite A Sista Women’s Empowerment Dinner

As announced in a recent blog post and shown on the events page, Cite A Sista is pleased to announce we’re hosting a women’s empowerment event in October. Tickets go on sale soon! For those too far away to attend, donations are welcomed and appreciated!

Cite A Sista blog posts & Columns

We would be remiss if we did not remind you of the multitude of posts on the blog. Be sure to visit the blog page for tips and trips on affordable travel, time management, and more.


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