Tell US Your #CiteASista Story!

Our dearest #CiteASista community-

We (Brittany and Joan) have had a busy March with the launch of and a presentation at an annual higher education conference (photos on the tag!). During the conference, we met people who previously participated in our monthly chats and many of whom shared with us about how being a part of a #CiteASista experience has impacted them. We’ve also enjoyed the amazing works of so many brilliant sistas who’ve joined our Team Cite A Sista community and continue to help us grow with each blog post!

Now that we’re in our groove, we’re thinking about what’s next. This is where YOU come in. We’re interested to hear more stories and are asking you to consider sharing a short testimonial about your experiences with #CiteASista. Testimonials can fit in a tweet (140 characters) or be longer, but concise (max 100 words). Testimonial prompts are provided below, but are not the only ways to reflect on your experiences with #CiteASista.

  • How have you benefited from being a part of a #CiteASista experience?
  • How have you described #CiteASista to a person who isn’t familiar with the experience?
  • What do you like/love about #CiteASista?
  • How have you put #CiteASista into practice in your personal, professional, or academic lives?
We welcome testimonies from all genders & non-Black folks who engage this work and welcome pictures of you with your Cite A Sista buttons and other paraphernalia! 

Statements may be featured on or in future press material. Please let Brittany (@ms_bmwilliams) or Joan (@Joan_Nicole) know if you have any questions related to testimonials or any other aspect of your #CiteASista experience.

You can submit your testimonials to with the subject “My Testimonial.” There is no deadline and we welcome submissions on an ongoing basis. However, if you want to see your words in our upcoming materials, submit early!


In solidarity,
Brittany and Joan
#CiteASista, Co-founders

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