Time to Glow Up (It’s Spring Yall)

Hey Y’all!

I hope after reading my first post you feel confident in trusting me to get you right. I know you’re wondering what to pull out of your clothing bins for spring and what are some big trends as life begins to heat up. Below I’ll give you the colors and looks I’d recommend for this season. Lemme remind you this is just a warm up. I’ll be back with more suggestions to get you shining, shining, shining, shining yeaaaaaaa (Beyonce Voice).


This season is all about being unapologetic with stripes and blooming with florals (see what I did there?). Don’t just go with a simple pinstriped or polka dot look. Really play with 2-3 toned patterns.  I also encourage you to play with fabrics. For the first dress, I’m personally a fan so mesh and like how the  dress was designed with both floral and mesh detail giving me a good flirty and dainty look. The ASOS dress is actually doing a few things that I like and that are in this spring; stripes, frills, and shoulders. This beautiful, flowy dress is perfect for day to night. Go from brunch with ya girls to a nice dinner with that special one without having to change anything except reapplying that makeup. #StayBeat

Dress from boohoo.com. Price: $25
ASOS Tall Cold Shoulder Striped Dress. Price: $53


Rothko Jersey V-Neck Dress from Anna Scholz. Price: $251.00


YASSSS HUNNIES! Time to take off those cardigans and dust ya shoulders off. This season is all about showing that skin. Whether you wear a Bardot midi dress or an Open Shoulder Blouse, make sure them shoulders are getting some of that love from the sun.

This Queen is wearing the Wall Flower top from Fashion Nova. Price: $19.99
Keepsake Say You Will Dress from Akira. Price: $194.90


Off The Shoulder Trumpet Gown from Eloquii. Price: $124.90


And it was called YELLOW
Now Pantone did release Greenery as the color for 2017 (if you’re not familiar with Pantone they’re basically the color gods and determine what we will find in the stores). What you’ll find in many stores currently are colors that either complement Greenery or be in the color family.

So Dión what colors should I anticipate on finding?

Yellow: Now y’all know yellow and melanin is always heavenly. See the last image and you’ll be sure to agree.

Sage: I feel like I’m seeing this more than any color. Especially in stores.

Pastel Pinks and Blues: let’s not forget how dashing Lupita looked a few years ago in that blue dress. I mean need I say more?

Nudes: Now what’s important about rocking nude and being a lady of #melanin is shining in your shade. Your nude shoes or blouses should not wash out your skin they should accentuate it. Gotta make sure the world is getting all the #BlackGirlMagic it can get. While the trousers I posted say nude, I do feel like any girl could wear them because they have more of a pink tint. I’d recommend pairing these trousers with a patterned fitted top (show the shoulders **wink wink**)

Nude knot waist satin wide leg trousers from MissGuided. Price: $51
Sage Off the Shoulder Frill Dress from Forever 21. Price: $24.90
Dove Open Shoulder Blouse from Meow and Barks Boutique (BLACK OWNED). Price: $49.00
Cut it Out Lover Dress from nakimuli (BLACK OWNED). Price: $125.00
ASOS Curve Smart Midi Dress in Sage. Price: $64.00

That’s all I have for now.  Let’s start clearing out those closets and get ready for our Spring/Summer slay.

Peace, Light, and Love yall,



P.S. please note my shoulders in the feature photo. I was feeling myself. Haha!

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