From #BlackHistoryMonth to #WomensHistoryMonth… It’s Black Women’s History SEASON!

It’s March 1st ya’ll!!!!

And with March 1 comes an end to Black History Month and beginning of Women’s History Month. If you’re like us at Cite A Sista, both of these identities are your own, inextricably tied, and require an intersectional understanding of the world. So as we think about celebrating Black women, we have the luxury of extending that from the shortest month of the year and move into March, one of the longest months we have…

Enter, Black Women’s History Season.

I first heard of this term when talking to Joan, and she explained her sister, Alexsarah Collier, coined the phrase. As the Cite A Sista team, we are always looking for ways to celebrate the intersections of Black womanhood and thanks to Alexsarah’s work on The Womanist Agenda and her creativity, now we can.

Black Women’s History Season is a time to intentionally celebrate Black women for 59-60 days straight. And we want to encourage you to do something for yourself. Buy something for you. Eat something you wouldn’t. Sleep in. Wake up earlier. Stay out late. CENTER YOU for some point this month and tell us what it will be and how so we can circle back and be sure you did it.

Here at Cite A Sista, we spent all of February celebrating famous Black women and history makers for each day of Black History Month. As we look towards March, we hope to highlight the works of everyday Black women in our schools, workspaces, and homes– those who make this world, and by extension Cite A Sista, possible.

Here are two ways #CiteASista can help you to celebrate you this month: 

  1. Amplify you or your project/ work with a post on our site: Email us ( to post.

  2. Participate in our daily shoutouts: Shoutout a Black woman in your life on facebook, twitter, or Instagram so that we can repost/ retweet your words.

As for me, I’m celebrating the fact that Nikki Giovvani just facetimed me, so my Black Women’s History Season is COMPLETE! Many thanks to my possibae (potential boyfriend) for making that happen. 

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