Welcome to the Cite A Sista Family

Our Dear #CiteASista Family,

Welcome to the new hub for all things Cite A Sista! It is our extreme pleasure as the co-founders of Cite A Sista to announce the expansion of and increased accessibility to the Cite A Sista movement. When Joan and I began this project half a year ago, neither of us expected to see it morph into the beauty that you all are helping to create. As two graduate students, we know that we would not be able to make this project into all that it should become. Now, thanks to Team Cite A Sista and all of you as our readers, we can.

As better detailed on the About Us page, Cite A Sista began to uplift and center the voices of Black women. We created #CiteASista as a class project in Summer 2016 and held our first Twitter chat that July. The #CiteASista community has grown with each chat, and we have heard the calls for a space beyond the chat for prospective and current community members to learn, connect, and contribute to #CiteASista. This site offers all of us the opportunity to engage fresh content related to ideas that are personal, meaningful, political, and social on a consistent basis.

By moving beyond twitter, yet remaining true to our roots, we have expanded to Instagram and created an online home for all of us.  This space enables us to channel the knowledge and energies of the whole Cite A Sista family, especially Black women who do not engage twitter but still wish to share in the #CiteASista family. As you explore our website, we invite each of you to join us for our upcoming events and stay tuned as we plan for more opportunities to engage beyond digital (counter)spaces. Moreover, we encourage perusing the resources page to stay abreast of additional offline and online spaces for Black women.

Thank you for helping us to begin this journey.  We’re grateful to have you for some or all of the ride!

P.S. Did you get a Cite A Sista Tee? Send us your photos to be featured online!

Keep Resisting, Stay Sisterly, & Join us Online!

-Brittany & Joan, Co-Founders

We’re Social!


Cite A Sista is available on the web as well as Instagram & Twitter.


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