Listen to #CiteASista co-founder Brit on #eduPUNX’s podcast

#CiteASista co-founder Brit Williams joined #CiteASista supporter Craig Bidiman, to talk about her work with Cite A Sista, #SisterPhD, and journey to student affairs and higher education practice. Listen in to learn more about Brittany’s professional work and her collaboration with Dr. Collier to bring Cite A Sista to you each month! Remember, we’re always looking for more Black women to center in our work– join in on the Cite A Sista fun by writing or co-hosting a chat with us!

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 1.24.46 PM.png

To learn more about Brittany x eduPUNX *click here*

*Click Here* to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes!

*Images by Craig Bidiman*

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