All Things Science and Health

Hey Cite A Sista Fam!

My name is Kishana and I am excited to serve as a writer for Cite A Sista during its beginning stages of greatness! No, really! I think what Brittany and Joan are doing here is wonderful and I cannot wait to see how Cite A Sista continues to grow. My time here will be spent covering a wide swath of science and health related topics. Why? Because I wkishana-image-2ant to demystify and uncomplicate science for those who aren’t in the field. I also want everyone to have to be aware of and have a better understanding of latest disease and health news.

About me:

I am known as the resident virologist and scientist  (and sometimes unlicensed medical personnel. Mostly, only, by Joan) among my friends. I am currently an Interdisciplinary Biomedical Science PhD candidate in the 4th year of my program. I am interested in understanding the biological processes behind disease; specifically viral pathogens spread by insects (vector-borne) and animals (zoonotic).  I also have a masters of public health microbiology and emerging infectious disease where I acquired some environmental health and epidemiological skills.

Basically what this all boils down to is I have spent the majority of life learning about disease, how it works, how to follow disease trends and assess its possible impacts on both the environment and animals (humans included) that exist within the environment. I love science and I want others to as well.


I hope that you’ll follow along as I write about science and health including issues facing African American women and Black woman more broadly throughout the duration of my column! If there are any topics you would like me to write about please leave it in the comments.

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