Welcome to the Life and Healing Column!

Greetings Sisters,

I’m Renyea Colvin, women’s health and wellness expert and the new Life and Healing blogger for CiteASista! I’m super excited to be part of a digital space that puts Black women front and center in every way. What a powerful and timely endeavor, highlighting the work of Black women across varying discipline, in a time when the world rather us fade into the background. Girl, I’m here to disrupt all that oppressive madness.

A little about me…

I’m a health educator and wellness expert by training.  From chronic disease prevention to STD/HIV prevention to women’s wellness, for over 10 years, my work has directly or indirectly tended to focus on Black Women. In short, through training, educational programming, and coaching, I work with organizations and individuals to create the conditions for women to live healthier, more vibrant lives. And I love it!

I’m also a black woman. I was raised and educated in the south and currently living outside Oakland, California. History and place have taught me to value healing, at the sites of the Black woman’s body and mind, as means of resistance. I approach my work with a sense of awe at what Black women are doing right and with a curiosity for what we can do next to heal old wounds and prevent future illness and trauma.

My hope for this column…

I firmly believe that black women are magic (Shout out to CaShawn Thompson!). To echo the sentiment of Jesse Williams (as I swoon), black women are also real. So, my goal for this column is to 1) highlight the magic of Black women living joyful lives and 2) provide helpful information, thoughtful resources and effective ways we can go about the business of healing. I truly want us all to win and experience has shown me that Black women win when we support each other. This column, with your help, will serve as a source of that support.

Let’s talk…

I also want to hear from you! Experience has also shown me that Black women have very clear thoughts and opinions on what is beneficial for our own lives and our healing. So, what are your thoughts?  What do you love about your life?  What brings you joy? What wounds are you ready to heal? Reach out and let me know what’s on your mind and your heart. I’m listening.

A Note on Black Sisterhood…

Few things in my life have been as healing as sisterhood…both in the individual sense of being a sister and in the collective sense being in community with other women. We live in a time where women all over the globe are finding comfort and strength in our commonalities as way to confront and heal the wounds of patriarchy. For Black women, this is not new. Born from the need to see ourselves as fully human (even if only among ourselves), commitment to the splendor of sisterhood runs deep in the collective veins of Black women. Indeed, sisterhood has been a healing balm for Black women. As I build out the Life and Healing column, know that I want for you, my sisters, the same beautiful, joyous, and healthy life that I want for myself.

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