Check out #CiteASista Co-Founder Joan on Breaking Up White Jesus via #UnfitChristian

In her post, Dr. Collier writes:


I’m frustrated (and disappointed) by the homophobia, anti-Blackness, white supremacy, sexism, patriarchy, wreckless masculinity, classism, and shaming guised as God’s word and work. My righteous indignation burns for churches and Christians who proclaim a savior that liberates the imprisoned, but who turn around and oppresses people with God’s word. I’m tired of being preached at about submission because I’m a woman whose place is [supposedly] behind men.

The incongruence of thought in my faith was that a loving God can’t/couldn’t stand in agreement with the violence perpetrated through systems and functions of oppression like homophobia, misogyny, classism, toxic masculinity, rape culture, and white supremacy that had been guised as “Christian values”. It. Just. Don’t. Work. If we’re to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God, then my faith walk couldn’t be just/righteous without critiques to and the dismantling of these evils perpetrated in/through churched spaces. I can’t/couldn’t sit up under leaders who encourage(d) evil “in Jesus’ name”. I had/have to choose one: Liberate folks with God’s word or oppress people with it.


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