The Cite A Sista Resource Roundup

There are a lot of digital resources, spaces, and posts out there designed by and for Black women. There are also subjects and topics that all Black women need a starting space to find. For that reason, we’ve curated a list of our favorites for all of you to enjoy. Have one to add or remove? Send us an email at Contact@CiteASista[dot]com.

Sites We Love

Check out These Additional Resources

Misogynoir: What is it and why does it exist?

Sexual Violence & Assault: Black Women’s Experiences

Media Representation(s): Black Women Matter

Managing Grief: There’s no time stamp on loss

Chosen Singleness, Partnerships, & Family Planning

Digital Spaces

Supporting (for) Black Trans Women

Black Motherhood / The Not Mom Support

Self-Care & Self Celebration 

Expressing & Feeling Gratitude 

Celebrating Creatives and Creativity 

Black Women’s HERstory, Womanism, Sisterhood, & Feminism 

Setting Boundaries/ Line Stepping 

Workplaces/ Professionalism

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