A Curated Collection of Our Very Best Blog Posts

Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege of sharing an amazing chunk of blog posts informing how we experience our lives and think about ourselves and others as Black women. When we began Cite A Sista, our literal goal was to increase the number of people who cite Black women instead of simply using us for our labor and love and immediately discarding us after. This is reflected in many of the themes and ideals across our Blog. We also endeavored to created space for Black women to work out and through issues most pressing to us. Although the blog is no longer operational, we offer this curated collection of posts below that we believe will stand the test of time.

We are thankful to every person who has ever contributed to the Cite A Sista blog and website. If you’re looking for ways to support us, you can do so by buying a tee from our Tee-Spring store or by donating on PayPal so we can keep this website and these posts functional.

Our Fab Faves

If you’re new here, we have two posts that can provide you with context on the 5 W’s of #CiteASista. In Joan’s post Why I (Literally) Cite A Sista, she cover’s why it’s important to do the work of citing sistas. In Brittany’s post on #CiteASista as a Project to Move us Beyond Theory-To-Practice, there’s more background on the literal formation and decisions that led to all that is #CiteASista. Read em.

This background can help to clear up any questions and/or confusion about the work we’ve done, continue to do, and our conceptualization of this project before the creation of other, often bigger, hashtags. Speaking of, shoutout to Kishonna Gray of #CiteHerWork who preceded us (see how easy it is to literally #CiteASista).

The All Star Line Up

Managing You


Sexual & Reproductive Health & Safety

Therapy & Counseling

Weight & Body Image

General Wellness

Managing Boundaries

Drawing Lines for Others

Making Space for Yourself

Goal Setting & Annual Reflections

Managing The Ships


On Relationships

Managing Grad School

Family & Community

Academic Success

General Advice & Reflections

Simply Managing

Love, Loss, & Grief

Black Women At Work

Natural Hair


That’s all folks. Leave comments on the respective posts and share them far and wide!

Thanks for reading with us over all these years!

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