Let Em’ Talk Sis…

"While you sitting up here frustrated and spending your time talking about how they treated you, you should focus on yourself. Those folks are sleeping well at night." One thing I know for sure is my mother is the queen of shutting me down (in love) and re-positioning my focus on what matters. She had [...]

Serena is ALL of Us: #BlackWomenAtWork Edition

We've ALL been there. Unjustly taxed, silenced, and punished for speaking up. We've endured the frustrations, anger, and even rage that is all too common for #BlackWomenAtWork. We know what it feels like to be repeatedly tormented in a public place and to FINALLY release those frustrations...only to be told that we "aren't a team [...]

An Open Letter to Joy Lane

Our Dearest Sista Joy, Repeat after us: I deserve love. I deserveD better. This is NOT and was NOT my fault. Say these words. Write them. Post them. Text them. Tweet them. Remember them. We know that nothing we're about to say will bring you immediate resolution. For that, we offer our apologies... But some of [...]