Interracial Dating whilst Black Woman x Natasha Lee

A few weeks ago, a friend of #CiteASista wrote a detailed post about her experiences with interracial dating. In true call it like it is form, Natasha reminded Black women why we should stop selecting ourselves out of the wider dating pool out of loyalty to Black men.

We especially loved the facts laced within the piece–

the dating pool becomes real limited considering the number of Black men who are imprisoned, hoteppy, or would rather wife Becky with the good hair. Consistent with anecdotal evidence, research shows that Black men are nearly twice as likely to interracial date and to marry a non-Black woman (Pew Research Center, 2017).


She continues with:

Black women have been taught to “hold down” and desire Black men through urban myths and stereotypes (e.g. the ride or die chick, white men can’t fight/protect us, and of course the Black male’s penis size).  We are even socialized in our childhood to desire Black boys. Consider the nursery rhyme that I and thousands of Black girls chanted as we were coming of age:

“I like coffee,
I like tea,
I like the colored boy and he likes me,
So step back white boy, you don’t shine,
Cause I’ll get the colored boy to beat yo behind…”

Now, name ONE nursery rhyme that Black boys are taught to celebrate and desire Black girls? Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Three claps for the reality check. Read the entire post on Natasha’s blog*Here* and let us know what you think!

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