What intimacy looks like to me…

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I’m single. And in this journey I have been able to write some good things about what I want partnership to look like. And lately intimacy has been a big part of that.

I desire a partnership that is transparent, vulnerable, teaching, challenging and thoughtful. I desire a love that pours into me as much as I hope to pour into it.

I began writing this piece and the phrase “Hold me in this space” came to mind. And I begin thinking of where I want to be held in a partnership. For me that is in the darkness of someone as well as their light. Hope you all enjoy 🙂


Hold me in this space

An ongoing tension of

Wanting and pushing back

Of embracing after a period of distance

And releasing when we get close

Of words thought to be said

But eyes that speak them


Hold me here

Near your heartbeat

Its rhythm syncopated a beat only I know

A language only I know

Only I feel


Hold me here

Near your scars

Evidence of life that has endured, will endure

Hold me near the stories they tell

Like when sorrow came in the night

When heartbreak first introduced itself

When pain became a tenant


Hold me here

When joy shined through the darkness

Told your pain it was no longer welcome in your heart

Comforted you when you called out for help


Hold me here

Where prayers were answered

Where thanks was given

Where the manna flows in abundance


Hold me here

Where thoughts in your mind

bring a smile to your face

where the tension in your shoulders release

where I become synonymous with your fondest memories

where peace resides in your spirit


It’s in this space I want to be

Hold me there


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