The List

Have you written down the list? You know which one I am talking about. The list of things you want in a mate. The wish list of romance. The list of hopes and dreams of love. I haven't written that list. A few weeks ago I was talking with Dr. Joan about love and whatnot [...]

4 Tips for Cuffing Season Success

Pumpkin spice lattes are being served. Fleece pajamas and furry blankets are being pulled from the closet. The cold weather is approaching. Soon it will be too cold to do anything but lay-up, eat vegetarian chili (with cornbread) and Netflix and Chill (NAC) well into the night. You know what that means? Yes, cuffing season is [...]


A situation or occurrence in which something closes forever.  Closure. Lately, I have had to have some real honest conversations with myself about this. A relationship ends, be it amicably or not. You may spend any period of time adjusting and then you move on, right? Nah bruh. But what about that time you looked [...]

Let tomorrow worry about tomorrow

Hey #CiteASista family! My name is Bridgette and I'm a newly minted MPA with a focus on Nonprofit Management and Higher Education. I'm the newest addition to the Cite A Sista family and I couldn't be more grateful. That said, this is my first Cite a Sista post and I am pretty hype! LOL. I [...]