Beyoncé Level Presentations

Finals are around the corner and presentations are happening right now. If you’re like me, you probably have four finals, a report due for work, five presentations, and a bunch of other deadlines that sneak up on you after Spring Break. Have no fear; there is a way to Beyoncé through your presentations. (For advice on how to attack your finals, check out the Finals Attack plan.) Here are seven tips for Sasha Fierce presentations:

1) Be Entertaining

You don’t have to put on a concert because having an entertaining and captivating presentation does not require glitz and glam. Tell a story that relates to your topic. If you do not have a story that is relevant to your presentation, use a video clip from YouTube to set the stage for your presentation. You could also use Prezi, gifs, or memes to add excitement to your presentation.

beyonce superbowl

2) Command the room

It is no secret that everybody is working on finals or something else during class. As a presenter, it is your job to hold everyone’s attention during your presentation.


3) Select a format that works for you

We often feel pressure to make a PowerPoint or a Prezi to present information, but those platforms are not the only ways to present information. My best presentations have lacked visuals and forced the audience to pay attention to me. You should consider the information you are presenting and select the best aid that will assist your delivery.

4) Don’t Read

Your audience does not want to watch you read your presentation notes. It is your presentation. You have researched the topic, and you have to be confident that you know it well.

Beyonce read

5) Do not overload visuals with information

Too much information in visuals will ruin your presentation. Information overload is a real thing. If you give someone too much to take in at one time, they will not listen or take in what is most important to the presentation.

6) Get to the point

Your audience will lose focus if you go on too many tangents. Compose a list of talking points to keep you on track, both you and your audience will appreciate it. Sometimes it helps to create an outline of what you are going to talk about. It can help to break down the specific points and mention the main things you what to hit. At the end of your presentation make sure to reiterate what is most important that you want your audience to take away.

7) Leave space for questions

Do not give your audience all of the information you have on your paper or project. You want the audience to ask questions. Plus it makes you think through some parts of your paper or project that you are struggling with.


8) Move around the room

It will help ease your nerves and assist you in commanding the room.


9) Remember you’re a FLAWLESS, and you can do anything!



10) Don’t forget to smile and breathe.


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